Spalted Beech 4 ea BMSB2P

Spalted Beech 4 ea BMSB2P


Spalted beech planed to a shy 7/16". Spalted, milled and kiln dried here in the Adirondacks with the cabinet maker/woodworker/luthier in mind.  2 pair of bookmatched boards for a total of 4 pieces.  All milled from the same billet. 


  The logs (old growth) were harvested about 6 years ago. They have been spalting for 6 years here in the Adirondacks before being milled in the late summer 2020. After milling, the lumber was air dried for about 3 months and then kiln dried to about 6.5% and then allowed to come slowly back up to around 9-10%. So this lumber has been in the works going on 7 years. A few days in your shop and it will be ready to use. I use this type of lumber for door panels but many have used it for other things. Unusual lumber for heirloom projects.


    Milled here in the Adirondacks. 


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